Miku Expo Rewind+

The next major Miku event is Miku Expo Rewind+, November 6th (JST). This will be similar to June’s Rewind, but they are taking suggestions for the setlist so presumably we will get a different selection of songs.

Watch the show on Twitch. You can also catch the concert on YouTube but the DJ events will not air there.

The Guidebook PDF is here.

Rewind+ Timetable

Google Calendar Link Los Angeles New York London Paris Tokyo
1st Standby Saturday 05:00 PM Saturday 08:00 PM Sunday 12:00 AM Sunday 01:00 AM Sunday 09:00 AM
CircusP / beat_shobon Saturday 05:25 PM Saturday 08:25 PM Sunday 12:25 AM Sunday 01:25 AM Sunday 09:25 AM
1st Concert Saturday 06:30 PM Saturday 09:30 PM Sunday 01:30 AM Sunday 02:30 AM Sunday 10:30 AM
2nd Standby Sunday 12:00 AM Sunday 02:00 AM Sunday 07:00 AM Sunday 08:00 AM Sunday 04:00 PM
AlexTrip Sands / Riki Sunday 12:25 AM Sunday 02:25 AM Sunday 07:25 AM Sunday 08:25 AM Sunday 04:25 PM
2nd Concert Sunday 01:30 AM Sunday 03:30 AM Sunday 08:30 AM Sunday 09:30 AM Sunday 05:30 PM

Rewind+ Discord Timecodes

1st Standby <t:1667692800:F>
CircusP/beat_shobon <t:1667694300:F>
1st Concert <t:1667698200:F>
2nd Standby <t:1667718000:F>
AlexTrip Sands/Riki <t:1667719500:F>
2nd Concert <t:1667723400:F>

Magical Mirai

There’s one more Magical Mirai 10th Anniversary concert in February 2023 at Sapporo. See you there!

I have a photo album of Tokyo Mirai 10th here.

Magical Mirai Timetable

Google Calendar Link Los Angeles New York London Paris Tokyo
Sapporo Sat Night Friday 03 Feb 11:00 PM Saturday 04 Feb 02:00 AM Saturday 04 Feb 07:00 AM Saturday 04 Feb 08:00 AM Saturday 04 Feb 04:00 PM
Sapporo Sun Day Saturday 04 Feb 07:30 PM Saturday 04 Feb 10:30 PM Sunday 05 Feb 03:30 AM Sunday 05 Feb 04:30 AM Sunday 05 Feb 12:30 PM
Sapporo Sun Night Saturday 04 Feb 11:00 PM Sunday 05 Feb 02:00 AM Sunday 05 Feb 07:00 AM Sunday 05 Feb 08:00 AM Sunday 05 Feb 04:00 PM

Mirai Discord Timecodes

Sapporo Saturday Night <t:1675494000:F>
Sapporo Sunday Day <t:1675567800:F>
Sapporo Sunday Night <t:1675580400:F>